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Mascots can be environmentally friendly too! Check out the models made of plush from the PET bottles that are GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified

Plush advertising

FOFCIO Promo Toys are plush toys with the necessary accessories, tailored specifically to the needs of the promotional industry, suitable for printing.

From teddy bears to puppets

Choose your model from a whole herd of plush animals, available with a classic white T-shirt, on a keyring, in the form of a pillow, blanket or puppet.


Plush toys are one of the most popular promotional gifts. They create a positive image of companies, not only during promotional campaigns, evoking nice associations with the brand every day.

FOFCIO Promo Toys is an integral part of the VOYAGER offer. You can find there both ready-made advertising mascots suitable for printing, available directly from stock, and toys made to special order, according to the customer’s design, referring to the company’s logo, for example.

Everything with the use of the highest quality materials, currently also recycled plush, which makes FOFCIO join the environmentally friendly GREEN PROMO collection.

Add a little warmth to the business world and put a smile on the faces of your business partners, colleagues and clients!



Teddy bears, domestic and wild animals. All in a wide range of colours and sizes. Also from RPET plush! Everyone will find something for himself!


Plush toys (from a teddy bear and a dog to a bison) equipped with a functional metal keyring, T-shirts and labels for marking. For everyone according to their needs!

Other items

Plush pillows, puppets, magnets and mascots with a blanket or a plastic hanger, as well as additional T-shirts for sublimation. Something plush for each of us!

Mascots for your

FOFCIO Promo Toys are plush promotional articles for every occasion:

  • corporate family picnics and lotteries for customers
  • loyalty programs for companies in each sector
  • for a jubilee, end of work or as a thank you for fruitful cooperation
  • for guests of hotels, restaurants and other attractions
  • Christmas – wide range of mascots with Christmas accessories
  • Valentine's Day– Fofcio can express more than words
  • Easter – fluffy lamb or a bunny will please everyone
  • Children’s Day - which each of us has inside
  • for a daily use and for special occasions - because there is something wild in every customer

We offer both ready-made mascots, available from stock, as well as the possibility of high-volume and special production, which means, making a toy according to the individual design of the customer, as part of the 4UNIQUE PRODUCTION service.

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Stand out with FOFCIO Promo Toys mascots!

Modern technologies allow you to mark the selected mascot so that it could present the company’s logo in a best way and promote its marketing message.

The printing methodes we can recommend for FOFCIO Promo Toys are:


Marking technology used only on white polyester materials e.g. T-shirts, handkerchiefs etc. The logo or inscription should be first printed on a special medium using special sublimation inks and then transferred onto the objects surface with a heat transfer press. Such logo is durable and resistant to washing and chemical agents.

Tampo print

Tampo print is a popular printing technique on advertising articles. The logo is applied to the product with a flexible tampon (stamp). Prints of one colour can be made on the labels or cardboard hangers of mascots - most often plush keyrings.

Heat transfer

Printing technique consisting of thermal heating into the material of a previously prepared graphic. The transfer is possible in both 1 color and full colour palette. An alternative to the standard heat transfer is ploter, which applies to the material printed emblem or logo cut in the desired shape.

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